Open Living Labs - ENoLL: The European Network of Living Labs

Description of Concept

VirtSOI LL (Virtual Services and Open Inovation Living Lab) was established in Sofia, Bulgaria and it joined the European Network of Living Labs in 2008.

In the increasing economy of (web-/e-) services, VirtSOI LL aims to integrate a broad vision for virtual services development and implementation within the society related to: eLearning, eWork, eGovernment, eHealth, eBusiness, eContent, eInclusion, Mobile Technology Applications, Web 2.0 and Virtual Worlds, Open Innovation, Interoperability and Security, Knowledge Management; ICT for Sustainable Development, etc. In this respect VirtSOI LL will play the role of a regional lab and active marketplace platform for regional expertise/innovation/service seekers and providers. After achieving a level of maturity, VirtSOI LL will make efforts to incubate a set of service-oriented Living Labs targeting different industrial and public sectors. In addition, VirtSOI LL will take an initiative to support development and expansion of Living Labs in the countries from South-East Europe. By establishing VirtSOI LL some new avenues for contributing to the ENoLL initiative at a Pan-European level will be opened.