Virtech is a research and development company specialising in applications of the advanced information and communication technologies. The company applies the knowledge and experience of international research and development into a wide range of services, consultancy, training and developments.


  • Smart sensors, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things (IoT) services;
  • Project management of large system development with million lines of code and large databases over 100 Mio records. Experience with most used project development models.
  • Experience in development of large scale databases containing bullions of records . Big Data. Data Analytics.
  • Smartphone and tablet applications;
  • Digital repositories (text, images, video) implementation and enrichment with semantic-based innovative services like personalisation, multi-linguality, intelligent search, use of recommender services, etc;
  • Ontologies, metadata formats, web services, interoperability and standards;
  • Development of methodologies and tools for smart semantic based search engines, data mining and business intelligence;
  • Web 2.0, Enterprise 2 .0 and social networks applications, e.g. Community of Practice;
  • Web based knowledge management systems;
  • Development of recommender systems;
  • E-Learning and competence development methodology, tools and services;
  • Experience in design of system architectures including their hardware systems, software platforms and communication protocols ; complex Web-based software architectures design and development, including cloud computing ones;
  • User experience, open innovation and Living Lab methodology and tools (VirtSOI Living Lab);
  • Technical expertise in creating user-friendly web portals and prototypes, including personalization, adaptation and localization of online services and tools.
  • Serious gaming and interactive multimedia design and development, storytelling tools;
  • Development of custom solutions related to new media, audiovisual applications, digitalization of culture heritage, etc;
  • Interactive and internet TV applications.


  • Database: Oracle; MS SQL Server; PostgreSQL; MySQL
  • Programming languages: C++; Java; Objective C
  • Development platforms: MS Visual studio; Eclipse; Eclipse with Android plug in; xCode
  • Platforms: Linux; Windows; iOS; Android
  • Administration: Windows; Linux; Cloud computing infrastructure
  • Digital and analogue hardware design: Embedded devices; Intelligent sensors; Satellite communications; Mobile communications; Industrial telemetry; Tele medicine; Home automation (Domotics); Intelligent transport systems; etc.
  • Microprocessor based design

Some recent projects

  • Smart Place: aims to create an open, intuitional, allways-ON clould-based virtual place, where user compose an creative building intelligence by themselves in a LiveLab's BMS environment by means of creation own .what-if. scenarios and remote devices management logical algorithms. The challenge is creation of new segment in building automation intelligence by raising a new concept in Building Management Systems: SPaaS . Smart Place as a Service.
  • VeloCity: Intelligent System for Smart Lights and Monitoring and Control of Smart Bikes, National Innovation Fund;
  • Member of "Innovation and Culture" Cluster, participating in the FP7 RoK Project SmartCulture, THEME: REGIONS-2012-2013-1,Transnational cooperation between regional research-driven clusters, start . December, 2012
  • See the right navigation rail for more projects.

IS IT GREEN - a Leonardo da Vinci project for making the information technology greener.

TRIGGER TOOLBOX - software tools for guidance of graduated and entrepreneurship.

YEU - a Leonardo da Vinci project for a youth enterprise and unemployment.

WENTELS - a Leonardo da Vinci project for women entrepreneurship e-learning suite.

ELLIOT - a FP7 project: Experiential living labs for the Internet of things.

BIOeNET - a Leonardo da Vinci project: Business Intermediary Organizations e-Learning Network.

BRIC-ITT - a Leonardo da Vinci project: The BRIC Regions International Trade Training e-Learning Suite.

TARGET - a FP7 Integrated Project: Transformative, Adaptive, Responsive and Engaging Environment .

ECOSPACE - the Sixth Framework Programme Integrated Project focusing on development of personalized collaborative working environment was completed successfully in October 2009.

COMIST - the Sixth Framework Programme Project for increasing participation in eWork and eBusiness IST activities.

VirtSOI is now a member of ENoLL - the European Network of Living Labs.

INTELS - a Leonardo da Vinci Project for training SMEs in International Trade.

INTELS+ and YENTELS the new Leonardo da Vinci projects based on INTELS ideas were completed in October 2009 .

ENERGY-WISE Leonardo da Vinci new programme project started in October 2009 .

EEEYMS project of Leonardo da Vinci programme was completed in September 2006.