The European Commission approved two new 5th Framework Programme projects with Virtech participation:

IST-2001-33526 - FLEXWORK (ADD-ON) "Demonstrating and Promoting the Adoption of New Ways of FLEXible WORKing Among Outlying Regions and SMEs".
The project is to facilitate the practical take-up of new ways of flexible working using technologies from within and outside IST, in outlying or technologically disadvantaged regions with special emphasis on SMEs. Coordinator is the Waterford Institute of Technology (Ireland). The duration of the project is 18 months - from April 1, 2002 till September 30, 2003

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IST-2001-33315 - EASYTRADE "Global Foreign Trade Platform for SME".
This is a large scale project whose main objective is to use and combine most advanced technologies to promote foreign trade. Coordinator is Ibermatica S.A. (Spain). The duration of the project is 24 months - from May 1, 2002 till April 30, 2004

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Last updated on 21.11.2002