Virtech manages teams of high-skilled computer programmers and engineers, graphic/web designers and e-business consultants. Their broad knowledge and experience base is the key to prviding each customer with the best technological solution. Virtech's executives have extensive international experience ranging from management of multi-million European information society technology research and development projects to e-business development and support to virtual technology enabled education.

    Roumen Nikolov President  

CV of Roumen Nikolov



Ivan Stanchev
Director of International Affairs

    Vesselin Spiridonov
CEO & Trade Director


All partners have already built a huge network of professional and business relations, including ones in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, that can serve for further extension of the activities of Virtech both locally and internationally.

Virtech Staff
The strategy of Virtech is to work with people mostly on contract (project) basis. Virtech has 20 permanent staff plus more than 25 contract-based employees from Sofia University, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and companies.

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Last updated on 14.01.2009