The main objectives of Bulgarian Telework Association are to study, support and disseminate all form of telework in Bulgaria. The activities of BgTA in teleworking field benefit people by increasing the quality of life and improving access to work. BgTA can assist communities set up economic development programmes based on telework approaches, assist government with relevant policy formulation, and help individuals implement their own telework arrangements.
  Teleworking offers significant benefits to employers, employees, self employed individuals and entrepreneurs, and to the community.
Reduced travel time and costs
Increased productivity
Skills retention
Improved work opportunities
Better balance of work and family life
Flexible hours
Less pollution and energy consumption
Access to work for people with specific difficulties
Increased economic vitality
April 16 -17. 2002
  The World, The Workplace and We the Workers (WWWe) - eWork in a Global Econony.
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June 18-19, 2002
  The Flexible Working Solutions Exhibition & Conference, London Olympia, UK.
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June, 2002
  eBusiness and eWork 2002.
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Our address is: 49, Khan Asparuh Str., entr.A, ap.7, Sofia 1000 Tel.(+3592) 981 47 62, Fax (+3592) 981 55 41 e-mail: